More. About. Hijab. Swanky hijab this time.

Yes, another post about hijab. I can’t help myself – Muslimah Media Watch started it!

IslamOnline published an article this month about the hijab going mainstream. It was a truncated version of the Telegraph’s piece on the headscarf making a fresh foray into fashion. The piece in the Telegraph opens with the journalist feeling none-too-happy with her “babushka” appearance as she tries on a headscarf. (Sidenote: the scarf was Hermes. If she’d care to donate her castoff Hermes to me, I’d be more than happy to show her that there is no reason to feel frumpette in those threads, wallahi!)

Anyway, Dolce & Gabbana, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Vera Wang and other designers are jumping into the  market, looking to “liven up” the headscarf and “introduce it to a younger generation.”

This isn’t anything entirely new. Top-notch designers have been designing abayas for years and selling them to the Middle East’s upper crust. Rummaging through a friend’s closet recently – looking for something to wear to a party we’d be attending – I had my pick of abayas: stunning purple, gilded turquoise – from Lolita Lempicka to Dior. (To my chagrin, my feet were too puny for her Louboutins.) In her closet, modesty met fashion, for sure. But wait – if it’s a flagrant display of cha-ching, is it modesty at all?

What is new is the 21st century push to revive the headscarf in the West. Sure, Grace Kelly rocked it. So did Audrey Hepburn. It’s even shown up on runways over the past 5 years — but hasn’t made its way into the fashion rags as an “it” trend.

Faith at Muslimah Media Watch has posted an insightful and interesting commentary about this, which I recommend you read here.

Featured blog: “We love hijab”

I have been meaning to share this blog with you. It’s called “We Love Hijab” — and for women who choose to wear hijab, it’s a really great resource. In fact, it’s a good read for anyone looking to get some perspective about women and Islam.

From outfit suggestions to spiritual advice, We Love Hijab is a daily read of mine. It’s a great by-women-for-women site that, I believe, speaks not just to the diversity of women who choose to wear hijab – but the many reasons why they do. I’ve definitely struggled with the issue – and We Love Hijab has been a great help. I hope you enjoy it!

FYI: this version of the site is brand new. It used to be called “Precious Modesty”, and it had the same kinds of tips, tricks, and advice it contains now. Click here to see the old site.

(PS – at right is a photo of me in 2002. Looks like I could have used WLH’s pointers back then!) 🙂