Update on #RaifBadawi – please keep up the pressure to #FreeRaif


An update on ‪#‎RaifBadawi‬ and a request for action NOW:

1) Raif Badawi was not lashed today. His lashing was once again postponed. Reasons have not been fully confirmed but most reports are citing “health reasons.”

2) Reports are coming in that Raif’s friend and associate, liberal Saudi activist Souad al-Shammary, has been released from prison and that all charges against her have been dropped. This is huge.

Time is of the essence. I need you all to get both online and on the phone:

1) Call ‪#‎Saudi‬ consulates, embassies and ministries in your city. (For a listing of Saudi offices in the USA, see this link). People in Europe and elsewhere, please feel free to leave numbers and email addresses in the comments. Ask them to free Raif Badawi, and to drop all charges against him. We want an unconditional release.

DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT make disparaging comments about Saudi Arabia, Saudi policy, Saudi people, the King, or Islam when you call. That will not help Raif – on the contrary. Ask for Raif’s release, keep your words sincere but simple.

2) GET ONLINE. DIGITAL ACTIVISM IS WORKING. Tweet ‪#‎FreeRaif‬ and #RaifBadawi. If you like and have space, also add #IAmRaifBadawi.  Find activists for Raif via these hashtags and connect. I am at @RaquelEvita. Raif’s wife Ensaf Haidar is @Miss9afi. Their family spokesperson, Elham Manea, is at @ElhamManea.

Thank you! Be hopeful, but do not relent.

(P.S.: while I haven’t kept up with this blog, I have been working continuously on this issue for a long time – catch my posts here and here.)

One thought on “Update on #RaifBadawi – please keep up the pressure to #FreeRaif

  1. Screw you, Saudi family. You will have to answer to God for your prehistoric trogladyte ways and abuses of the people unlucky enough to have been born in your stupid country.

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