Repost: “Measuring Self-Worth in Units of Male Approval: Marriage in India”

This blog by Vidyut over at Women Under Siege is an important read – and the dynamics discussed apply to many countries and several cultures.


“In India, it is legal to rape your wife, but it is illegal to beat her—though you can usually get away with that too. Estimates of domestic violence in the country vary widely, but no studies peg it to less than one in five women experiencing intimate partner violence at some point in her married life…

Any conflicts within the marriage also come with a default of the woman having to adjust and not complain. Seeking help is ‘airing dirty laundry in public’ and subsequently bringing shame to family. Asking for help within the family usually results in advice of the “Men will be men” variety. Any support from parents is extremely unlikely, as divorce or separation is usually perceived as a rejection of the woman for not being worthy or as a reflection of her character that she did not ‘adjust.'”

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