Wearing Sixteen R’s “Power Girl” scarf

Special thanks to the lovely ladies at Sixteen R for choosing me as their very first  “Power Girl”! I received the most touching email from Sixteen R asking me to be interviewed, and I’m so glad I said yes – I’m now blessed to call these remarkable women friends. 

Read Sixteen R founder Nancy Hoque’s interview with me here. 

Buy Sixteen R’s Power Girl scarf here, and learn more about the women who inspire it!

From the interview: “…when you are constantly surrounded by reminders of the tremendous challenges we face on a global scale, it’s vitally important to remind yourself of what is beautiful and good around you. Otherwise, your own potential can be lost in fear and worry. Fear is human, but we must not let it deceive us into believing that it is more powerful than our values.” (PS: Here are a few more photos of the scarf, which is not just “powerful,” but also ultra-comfortable to wear! Who says it needs to be a hijab? Wear it around your neck, as a belt, or tied to a bag, if you like!)

4 thoughts on “ interview

  1. i love love love you! you are so inspiring and i love how you advocate for people (women especially) you’re so intelligent and i love your hijab style…i love this look you should do one tutorial on how you did it. keep up the great work you do mashallah you are so beautiful .

  2. I saw your picture on this website and I am curious to know if you were at production in NYC a couple of summers ago. I believe it was a UK-based organization that wanted to do a show on being Muslim in America? I was there as well, and you look similar to a girl who was there.

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