Islam’s new kartinis

Dear readers,

My apologies for such an extended absence.  While I’m gone, I’m going to keep up with a project I hope you’ll enjoy.

Last year, I was asked to write a column about “incremental positive change” in the Muslim world. In thinking about this idea, I couldn’t help but think of the many Muslims who make positive change every day – but who are never heard or seen by the mainstream (or even independent!) media. Much of the time, these individuals are women.

For the next year or so, I will be highlighting the work of Muslim women who, over the past decade, have worked for positive change in their communities in beyond. Please click here to see the introduction to the series, and enjoy.


* Following the situation in Malaysia? Please see this touching and important piece about the oneness of God’s name here.

* Not seeing coverage in the media about Muslims who are against terrorism? Check out these guys in Canada, and these protestors in Detroit.


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