Introducing “Most Hated” – with much love

With Roi in New York City - April 9, 2009
With Roi in New York City - April 9, 2009

This past week, I attended a seder at the home of my good friend, Israeli journalist Roi Ben-Yehuda. (Read about the multifaith, modern seder Roi prepared here).

Roi’s gotten a lot of love on this blog, but also deserving of some major props is his brother, Yoni – aka “Sneakas”, a very talented rap artist. He’s not your average lyricist or performer – he turns his time on the mic into action for positive social change. I met Sneakas two years ago, when I learned that he’s hard at work using his music to promote constructive dialogue between Jews and Muslims.

Me with Sneakas - April 8, 2009
Me with Sneakas - April 8, 2009

But Sneakas has taken his message of understanding a step further: he’s collaborating with Mazzi, another young rap artist. Mazzi’s an Iranian Muslim, and together they are “Most Hated” – a smart, powerful rap duo that’s set to change both the music scene and the minds and hearts of Israelis, Palestinians, Jews, Muslims and others the world over. Their single “Tug of War” tells the story of a young Israeli soldier and a would-be suicide bomber from Palestine meeting face to face. Watch the video by clicking here. Please watch through to the end – Sneakas and Mazzi explain the video in a behind-the-scenes commentary you shouldn’t miss.

3 thoughts on “Introducing “Most Hated” – with much love

  1. Hip Hop! It will save the world, maybe. You know, I was researching Hip Hop globally just a few months ago, for the hell of it and how it seems to really be gaining momentum in the Middle East. Some of the artists are using this powerful medium to express their frustrations, anger and hopes for their futures, countries and people and I, for one am all for it (I’m a music buff, sue me). I’ve “discovered” the likes of Shadia Mansour and Palestinian group DAM (a far cry from the much more popular and successful Dj Khalid, a Palestinian American who would rather share with his audience how hood he is, check out his 2008 hit ‘I’m so hood”, when he could use his talent and craft to give of voice to other young Arab/Arab Americans, I digress).

    However let us not forget some other important Muslim lyrists such as my personal favorite and a true intellectual, progressive MC Lupe Fiasco (check out how he flipped Kanye West’s “Jesus Walks” from a Muslim’s perspective “Mohammed Walks”, very good!).

    I look forward to hopefully hearing Mr. Sneakas work. Like I said, I’m a MAJOR music buff and music with a message is my forte. And it don’t stop baby…

  2. … I do respect the fact that certain ppl are trying to unite the bridge b/w us…As a muslim I dont have anything agaisnt Jews…and i think your relationship is great with this artist, I just hoped in reality he were the prime minister of Isreal, and you for the Palestinains…

    We need to tackle the real problem…and i think its to learn how who we are as Muslims, as I need to find my own identity. I dont want to fall into a western nor an islam that is focused on arabs. I want to take the good of everything and apply it to the muslim community. We need ti be proud of our history and not so much hertiage, because we all come to one agreement, regardless of being related to him or not, just following the teachings of our prophet, we cannot go back! That alone is my pride (not nationality, or ethnicity).

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