A couple of quick links — before the jet lag takes over again!

Well, I’m back from Finland. Still thawing…and dealing with a nasty flu. (Some souvenir!) 🙂 Thanks to everyone who has kept reading!

I wanted to direct your attention to a couple of things:

1 – Mona Eltahawy has just published a commentary on the death of  Aasiya Hassan. I will have more to say about this case later, but thought it important to share this piece. (Also, I’d like to redirect readers to this post, where I posted some of the Islamic Society of North America’s materials on domestic violence.) While we continue to struggle with violence in the community, it would be unfair not to mention positive steps like these by ISNA.

2 – The Hijablog’s webmistress is back with a post about the headscarf in Norway. Glad to see you posting again, girl!

3 – More on choice: this blogger, who posted about my trip to Finland, also posted a blog about the issue of hijab in the workplace. Both of the above bloggers highlight the importance of choice for women. Now, while I’d take back some of the “rebellious” choices I made during my late teens and early twenties  (from fashion to social alliances!) – I also know that some of the things I chose helped to bring me full-circle back to my authentic values. This was, for me, an educational experience – cementing consistent values in an often inconsistent world. We should trust women to make the choices that best help to nurture their self-esteem, integrity, and intellectual development. Most Muslims would agree.  The key is to highlight those leaders in the Islamic community (and beyond) who will help provide the necessary guidance young women often seek.  

4 – I just received word about a couple needing global support. Two young Pakistanis are facing a possible death sentence for marrying outside of their tribal communities. Read more about their case here – where you can also submit an appeal to help them. The couple also has a child, whose life is obviously set to be devastated should its parents lose their lives.


4 thoughts on “A couple of quick links — before the jet lag takes over again!

  1. I’ve followed the link on Item 4 & sent the e-mails…I’m also Praying (in my own way) for this couple & their child.

  2. as salam aleykoum sister

    i am glad u come back save except this masty flu but kheir inshallah, happy to hear that ur trip and actions where lead with success alhamdoulilah
    have u met the muslim finish comunauty ?
    ps i like the pic in the subway and the pic it looks like to paris subway

    take care

  3. alsalam alikum sis: this is the first time i visit ur site.i am mohajaba but on moda ,all thinks that i am great looking .can i post some pic to ur site

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