Publico features Roi Ben-Yehuda and myself

for love is as strong as death".

My necklace: at left, "Allah"; at right, a gift - it bears a verse from Song of Solomon: "Set me as a seal upon thine heart, as a seal upon thine arm: for love is as strong as death."

Publico, Portugal’s largest daily paper, just published an interview with Roi Ben-Yehuda and myself. In it, we discuss how we, an Israeli and a Muslim who are friends, view the conflict in Gaza and our hopes for peace. Click here to view the online edition, and if you’re in Portugal – grab a copy of the print edition!

“As a woman, I have experienced the kind of violence only the worst and most vile of men can perpetrate, yet I do not hate men. I have seen death, I have seen disease and desperation – yet I do not resent God. I cannot claim to know the life of a Palestinian or an Israeli, but I do know that we are greater than the sum of our anger and the scars of our pain. The world would be wise to intervene in material ways – economy, security, diplomacy – but we must also highlight the voices of those Palestinians and Israelis who sincerely call for peace. Images of hate serve only our most destructive aims – a masochistic appeasement of the worst of ourselves. It is far more uncomfortable to see the enemy’s real humanity. I call for us all to take personal responsibility in bringing a new generation of peacemakers forward… the lives of our children are worth far more than what we are doing to one another today.”

– From the interview

14 thoughts on “Publico features Roi Ben-Yehuda and myself

  1. You know that your opinion means the world to me…that’s why I read your blog regularly. One problem with the link to the article: The article is in Spanish. I can barely read English. Work with me here…

  2. Hi Raquel, i just wanted to ssay the same thing I said to Roi, that there should be nore poeple like you and Roi in either side of the conflict and perhaps this stupid and senseless war wouldn’t be going on. You are doing a geat work.

  3. Hi Raquel! I’ve been several times in Israel and Palestine, and I’m very sad to see so many violence in a supposed Holy Land. I support your cause, and Roy cause, to promote the tolerance and peace between a beautiful culture that is ours (Muslim and Jewish). I’m proud of you. Greetings from Portugal.

  4. as salam aleykoum Raquel

    very nice quotation it is so galvanic and optimistic speech
    u are right we are part of new generation peacemakers

    pray for peace

  5. The quote alone makes me want to read the rest of the article. Too bad it’s in Portuguese. Darn, of all the languages I learned to speak, I never learned Portuguese. 😦 Anyway, I’m sure the rest was well done as you and Mr. Ben-Yehuda always provide a logical and intelligent argument to these issues. Kudos to you dear:)

  6. Hi Raquel,

    Roi gave me the link to your blog – and I am glad he did.
    I am Portuguese and I will read your interview after finishing my comment here.

    I am glad that hate dwells not in your heart – it wouldn’t make sense. A sincere God fearing person knows not hate, since God invades its spirit with His Love and Light.

    I think that it is possible to live in peace; but first moderate Muslims must put an end to the rhetoric and violence of the Islamic Fundamentalists. And only the moderates can do so (no Westerner, no Israeli, no African can do this…only the moderate ones within the Muslim community).

    Now, I am off to read your interview :D. It was a pleasure to be here!


  7. Hi Raquel,
    I was wondering if you could tell me where you got that necklace from? I love it, mashAllah.
    Also, if you get the time, please check out my blog. I mentioned you there.

  8. great necklace i like it a lot,
    please let me know how can i have one like that ok
    please pleas doesn’t matter the price…

    i just wanna have one of that on my neck soon as possible…
    contact me:

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