Flying during the holidays: delays and…detainment?

Independent bookstore, fall 2008 (Photo: JMO)

 Read about nine Muslims detained by AirTran (and the company’s apology) here.


4 thoughts on “Flying during the holidays: delays and…detainment?

  1. (This is going to sound really insensitive but this is the only way I can put it.)

    Well, well, this sounds familiar to me. The Washington Independent ( quotes one of the men saying “They said they suspected they were profiled because of their appearance”. Automatically being linked to violent behavior based on your physical appearance, folks assuming you’re going to break some sort of law based on your physical appearance, being detained ( & mistreated, humiliated and suspected of wrongdoing based on your physical appearance. Where have we heard this before? Ah yes, blacks have been complaining about this petty little irritating problem we like to call Racial Profiling for years.

    SO, how does one deal you ask? Well, from one minority to another we’re all friends here, you can keep complaining about it though often times it falls on deaf ears. You just deal. Or, better yet, you assimilate into the “dominant” culture of the majority in this country, act like this problem does not exist, that the people who do complain about this are wrong and have something to hide and shuck and jive like the best of them.

    That’s just the way it is now, a “sign of the times” as they say. People can’t help but be alarmed when they see someone with a beard or headscarf who looks a little middle eastern, looks a little Islamic, you know, someone who clearly looks to be of “terrorist descent” (I’m being facetious here folks). It’s the American way.

    Sorry for all the long links, I like to cite when I give an opinion. I cite like a pro. Cute Picture BTW! 🙂

  2. I hear you, DT. Thing is, for many Muslims, this is also nothing new. The “shock” some have expressed doesn’t apply. For Black Muslims, for mixed folk, etc. The photo was meant to be amusing, the article informative. 🙂

    Raquel Evita

  3. Well, color me ignorant. What do I know? That’s why I come to this blog honey, you inform me like no other. (I’m not being a smart ass Raquel, I really mean that, otherwise I wouldn’t keep coming back. That’s just how I show my dry sense of humor. Is it working?!? Is it working?!?)

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