Speaking of … (not the devil, of course!)

Very Cool Sister
Mony Eltahawy: Very Cool Sister

Head on over to Mona Eltahawy’s blog, where she continues the conversation on the situation in Gaza. I enjoy her tempered and smart analyses – often peppered with references only she could provide.

I’ve also enjoyed the interesting contributions made by those who have commented at her blog. For example, a link to this article – by Amira Hass – a writer willing to compromise the self-comforting dialogue many engage in during war in order to explore the reality of bloodshed.  Amira Hass  is the only Israeli journalist to have lived full-time among Palestinians in both Gaza and Ramallah. She is the daughter of Holocaust survivors. It seems that this legacy has pushed her to work for the safety and dignity of others – and in the words of one of my favorite songs – “sing no victim song.”


(PS – I posted below about my defunct computer. That was no joke. But in addition to having no “operating system” – ha! – I am still trying to keep up with posting as regularly as possible.  If it gets quiet on here again – stay patient!)


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