7 thoughts on “Dick Cheney on waterboarding: who cares about international law? Dunk ’em!

  1. Un-be[expletive deleted]lieveable!
    Not only has he slapped the Global Community in the face by authorizing these programs and broken International Law but his arrogant attitudes in his admissions about it are a slap in the face to the American People!
    For what? As my husband pointed out: To get his confession on the public record before Bush leaves office and set himself up for a Possible Presidential Pardon?

  2. True. However, when dealing with individuals who will sacrifice themselves to kill as many people as possible, how exactly does one, anyone who can answer this question, suppose we get the information we need out of them? Verbal interrogation can only get you so far and when you have a person that is not afraid to die on your hands, well, that presents a big problem.

    I’d really like to know, if not water boarding, what else would work that does not violate international law? I’m not being sarcastic people, I really want to know. I’m not very knowledgeable in this area, I often hear folks speak out against this but none of those people offer up effective solutions. So what do we do, hug the truth out of them? (ok there I am being sarcastic, sorry, couldn’t help it)

  3. The subject of torture is something I struggled with for almost a year. Would I be tempted – in the heat of the moment – to beat the snot out of an uncooperative terrorist? Absolutely! I can’t honestly say – in the heat of anger – that I wouldn’t. However, to calmly inflict physical, emotional or mental torment on another human being is just not in me. Not JUST because it’s freakin’ WRONG but, because of countless studies (conducted by wiser minds than mine) have concluded that torture is simply INEFFECTIVE!

    DT Gamb – as for alternate means of obtaining information from suspected terrorists: read “How to Break a Terrorist” by Matthew Alexander (a former Air Force inerrogator) who speaks strongly in opposition to torture. Also there’s an upcoming book by Malcolm Nance (a former SERE instructor) called “The Opposite Shore: How to Defeat Al-Qaeda and Restore America.”

    Disclaimer: I’ve not yet read the Alexander book (due to time & budgetary constraints) however I have watched interviews of both Alexander & Nance – what they have to say makes sence.

  4. Thanks SLIC NIC 5150. I’ve never heard of either author but I will be on the lookout for both books the next time I’m at my local book store. Given their credentials I think it’s safe to assume both know what they are talking about.

  5. Hey all!

    My name is Dean and Im new around here 🙂. So far this is an awesome resource for information and Ive spent a lot of time reading. Look forward to hearing from you!

  6. I finally got the chance to read, “How to Break a Terrorist,” by Matthew Alexander. It is absolutely recommended reading for proponents and opponents of torture alike.

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