Achieving women: Al-Gassra and Maddow

Stu Forster / Getty Images Asia Pacific)
SO cool. (photo: Stu Forster / Getty Images Asia Pacific)

Remember my blog about Rachel Maddow? I called her a “great mind to watch out for”. Well, she’s getting her own show on MSNBC! Here are her comments on the achievement. This is excellent news – congratulations, Dr. Maddow!

From HijabTrendz: an update on Bahraini Olympian Roqaya Al-Gassra, who is literally storming the scene for Muslim women athletes.

You go, girls.

(Next year: maybe we’ll find a tough-as-nails Muslimah regular on MSNBC … one can dream, right?)


10 thoughts on “Achieving women: Al-Gassra and Maddow

  1. Isn’t it? A (non-Muslim) friend called me shrieking as Al-Gassra was burning the track. Afterward, she said exuberantly, “the hijabi just whipped allll of the ladies in their — almost nothing!”

    Of course her victory is about so much more than appearance. Women competing at all – including American women – is the result of centuries of feminist struggle. But seeing a hijabi Bahraini display such brawn on such a very universal, public stage – very exciting.

    Hopefully, this will send a message to places like Saudi Arabia: not only can women win, but it is good for national morale, image, and even economy to have women competing in sports.

  2. I’m very proud of her too. When I saw her running 200m Heat and won it I was so emotional and happy. And don’t know why 🙂

  3. Ok, now, before we say Saudi girls get to compete in front of men, how bout we say they just be allowed a P.E class in their curriculam? As it stands, that has been negated. Physical health is something women should be encouraged in Islamically.

  4. That is still too much for Saudi, women competing in front of men, just to let you all know. It would cause crazies to try and assassinate the government, but I think a P.E class could go a long way.

  5. BTW, I know a few Saudi men who hung their heads in shame for the saudi women athletes who couldn’t compete when their country paraded their flag.

  6. A women sprinter from the Afghan Olympic Team that went to the Olymplic Games in China was on the Ballot for a seat in the lower house of Parliamnet here in Afghanistan Sept 18th. I don’t know if she won the seat but it reminded me of this post. I’ll watch for news on the election results and get back to you.

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