Full volume

A friend slipped this note into a CD for me on Saturday night.

Yelling doesn’t have to be literal. It doesn’t have to be loud. It doesn’t have to be shrill. It doesn’t have to insult, to shame, to guilt, or to hurt. When these become the aim of speaking, the word becomes poison.

The written word can shout. Survival itself is a scream against the unthinkable. Speaking the truths no one wants to hear is an unapologetic shattering of the status quo.

Even at a whisper, there’s nothing quiet about living life full-volume.

So, this week, even if all signs are pointing to shut up – don’t. Ever.


5 thoughts on “Full volume

  1. That’s a very nice thing to do. You are lucky to have been blessed with such friends. Insha’a Allah, may the strong muslim women never shut up 🙂

  2. Great point. I’m pretty new to this blog but upon reading most of the posts I find you to be extremely intelligent, mature and wise beyond your years. I look forward to reading more from you. Keep yelling!

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