Here’s a guy for your blogroll…

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has a blog.

In other news from Iran…


5 thoughts on “Here’s a guy for your blogroll…

  1. Well, a lot of politicians/world leaders have blogs – I won’t fault him on that. Even Ariel Sharon has a blog on He’s worthy of some hefty criticism as well, but the point is that the blog itself isn’t the problem.

    What I do find fault with is the treatment of dissident Iranian bloggers and so many others under Iranian law. He is citing God’s mercy and compassion, yet capital punishment is treated like a handshake.

  2. What do you expect from a guy who won’t even acknowledge the holocaust? I’ve never listened to his explanation of the events because he just irritates me. However my (completely uninformed) opinion on that subject is: He probably says it didn’t happen for the same reason law enforcement didn’t prosecute lynchers in the pre-Civil Rights Movement South, because they didn’t think of it as a “crime.”

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