Call on Iran’s leaders to release Kobra Najjar

August 9, 2008
August 9, 2008

I told you about Kobra Najjar in a previous entry. Thank you to one of my readers for sending along another way we can help her – and speak out against all stoning in Iran.

Consider signing this petition, written by Muslims and addressed to Iran’s leaders.

And, if you haven’t already – remember to check out the International Campaign Against Honour Killings – and sign up for their mailing list.


4 thoughts on “Call on Iran’s leaders to release Kobra Najjar

  1. I’m not Muslim but I signed it just the same. Do you think it will do anything to help this poor woman?? I’m so outraged and disgusted. No wonder so many people are prejudiced against Islam! I was myself for a while because of this kind of horrid crap being done in the name of Islam. Now I see that the *real* Islam would never allow this severe injustice. But hey, why am I not surprised by this latest news when the leader of Iran wants to cheerfully “wipe Israel and America off the map”?? He even had the gall to ask Japan to help him do so!! And so… this poor woman facing execution isn’t exactly a shock in light of how satan has control of her country’s leader…

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