The Hijablog hearts my style – and I heart them for their support

I’ve done a handful of postings on here about hijab, women’s dress, and the importance of choice. The most fundamental issue being that women should have the right to choose – or reject – wearing the hijab. When you choose to, it has a fighting chance at being authentic. When you’re forced to, it’s dogma. When people demand that you remove it, they’re no better than those they claim to be fighting.

As a self-identified reform-minded Muslim, I’ve spent an awful lot of time questioning. I’ve dissented with leaders and peers. So what’s with the hijab, you might ask? Doesn’t being a “dissident” mean I’d reject something like that? 

Nope. And I’ll tell you why: it was not until I gave myself the freedom to question all of my communities – including the ‘progressive’ ones – that I found what my truth looks like. For some time, I felt that being “progressive” meant that I had to look a certain way. Turns out that’s not so. It also turns out that when you don’t buy into the dogma of any community, you’re able to pay attention to your own spiritual development. And guess what? I’ve come to realize that some of the things I questioned most heavily are the very things that bring me peace right now. It would seem that parents, peers and clerics shouldn’t be so afraid of dissent – that crucial exploration can bring so much more value than forced religiosity ever could.

I’ve recently come into contact with the wonderful blogstress at The Hijablog. And we’ve hardly discussed fashion – more than that, we’ve discussed the importance of faith in our lives. Today, The Hijablog features a post on me – and I’m honored and excited to share it with you. Click here to view it!


8 thoughts on “The Hijablog hearts my style – and I heart them for their support

  1. Girl, as far as I can see, we only had one comment that was not positive. See, you are great, there is no need to worry!

  2. Sallam sis,
    You and J are super sweet and special sisters. You give me faith in sisterhood, and the much more. Your new style, Sister Raquel, is lovely and it’s certainly personalized to your personal fashion. I had too much to say regarding the whole topic, and all the judgement being tossed about. You are both far more kind than I am, mashallah! Perhaps I will get around to emailing you my response. I’m currently on my blackberry way too late when I should be sleeping instead of cruising blogs. I’ll have to cruise by yours more often here.
    Keep up the good work in tackling tough issues.
    Erica Aisha

  3. Salaam Sister
    Hi I love the way you wear your hijab
    can please upload a video tutorial of how you wear your hijab please

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