John McCain, the jealous diva

Not only does it appear that John McCain can’t do anything but defend “the surge! THE SURGE!”, but…

It also appears that he’s a little bitter about Obama’s celeb status.

A recent campaign ad got him into hot water with none other than the Hiltons. Why? McCain used the Hilton heiress, Paris, in his ad. You’ve got to see it – and then let me know if it makes any sense to you. I think they’re trying to suggest that Obama’s more famous than Britney or Paris, and just as unfit a statesperson. Or they’re trying to assert that his youth and fame will lead him to shave his head and get caught partying down with Lindsay Lohan. Maybe? 

Doesn’t quite work, though. Kind of like his off-shore drilling plans.

What does work? Paris’ retaliation. Check out her spoof of the McCain ad here.

Oh, and p.s. – Paris’ mom is a McCain donor. Not a smart move on the part of his campaign.


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