Sprinting for the message

It’s high time for a comical image on this blog. So, picture this: me, running down a city street after this truck, just to snap a photo. I caught up. Enjoy.

Raquel Evita Saraswati)
Durable values last, even when written in dust. (photo: Raquel Evita Saraswati)

6 thoughts on “Sprinting for the message

  1. Well, this morning, in Mississippi I tried to catch up to the redneck transport truck that was sporting the “Nuke Iran, then Hollywood” bumper sticker to catch a photo, probably for the best I missed it.

  2. Nuke Iran?!?! Hey, I’m not a big fan of certain world leaders but for pity sake! That doesn’t mean anyone should go and nuke anyone else! **Shudder** There are far too many normal, everyday people living and working in Iran that would get killed… I mean, just as I hate it when folk lump all Americans into one hateful chunk, I can’t stand when folk lump all of (fill in country here) in one chunk of seething hatred. “They all bad!” No, we are not all bad. MOST of us are just trying to love and serve God while *some* of the world goes totally crazy around us. **Sigh**

    I totally think chasing this truck down was worth it hahaha! I love the photo! Too cool!

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