News updates from the Muslim world

As always, Muslimah Media Watch keeps us aware of the latest…

* Eight women and a man face stoning for “adultery” (quotations mine)

My assertion: the Guardian would be wise to reconsider that headline. Those sold into sexual slavery are not committing adultery. Regardless of what the charges are, the Guardian is validating barbarism by calling it anything less than such in their headline.

* Yemeni feminists clash with “moral police”

* Latest on sexual harassment in Egypt

I choose to wear hijab, but not because I think it protects me from men’s eyes. I have lived through too much to buy into that reasoning. Some women have experienced life in such a way that they do feel protected by their hijab – and that’s great. There are several valid reasons to wear hijab, but above all: we must recognize that women are in danger regardless of how modestly – or how skimpily – they dress. Muhajabah sisters and others: your thoughts?

* In Saudi, a 60-year old creep “wins” a 10-year old girl in a bet with her father

Alhamdulillah, the Saudi Human Rights Council is doing something about it.


7 thoughts on “News updates from the Muslim world

  1. Salaam and thanks for the link!
    You make a really great point about the women sentenced to death in Iran; sexual slavery is NOT adultery. Victim-blaming (and punishing) at its sickest point.

  2. The Iran thing is crazy. It’s a shame for Islam, may God help those poor women.

    The Egypt story is sick too. I remember the “eid attacks” in downtown Cairo after Ramadan 2006, and how horrible and surprising it was. The government tried to cover it up, but elhamdolillah, bloggers got the truth out…Terrible

  3. Basbousa, what you say about the bloggers getting the truth out, I think this is such an important point and shows the kind of responsibility we can take and the changes we can encourage just by blogging.

  4. hi,,,I have a blog over hijabi fashion but like you post some pretty deep stuff conscerning us so I hope you dont mind but I’d like to put your blog up as a link for others to reach..thanks

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