To quote a good friend of mine I read this story to this morning: “What if his brakes legitimately failed and all of these people just started shooting at him, thinking they were saving the day?”

OK, probably not. But the wording of this story is obnoxious enough to warrant her comment, methinks.

7 thoughts on ““The PALESTINIAN!!!”

  1. I am just wonder why they keep saying “two men fled on foot”, does it take 3 people to drive a bulldozer?

    As far as shooting him, well, if he is dead then he cannot explain his actions.

  2. The joke is on Israel: notice that this happened immediately after a video surfaced of an Israeli thug who shot a handcuffed Palestinian at point-blank range. This seems to happen a lot. When Israel is caught red-handed and there is no escape from the truth, something always happens to them and they become “the victim.” I suspect that these are the doings of the MOSAD. They’ve done it before by killing Jews in Iraq and other Arab countries to force them to move to Israel!


  3. godlessjew: Now, now, I have some wonderful readers. And then I have the ones who send me emails and comments of a unique and … yes, unique nature.

  4. What if you saw someone ram into a bus, back away and head for a car? Would you assume, especially if this had recently happened as an attack, that the brakes had failed? I’m not sure what you would do in a situation where the brakes were not working, but I certainly wouldn’t start pointing my vehicle at cars and busses.

  5. Aghast:
    That wasn’t the assumption that was made at all. When you read a story worded like that to someone else who doesn’t know that there’s been this sort of thing going on — what comes through isn’t the facts.

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