Please tell me they’re not serious?

A very quick break this morning to bring you this:

Alright, so I’m an Obama supporter. It’s true. I voted for him in the primaries, my once Hillary-admiring self cheered him in the debates, and I even have an “Obama 2008” shirt.

But, please, people. He is not a God, he is not perfect, and all of this messiah-light worker-humanity’s savior incarnate stuff is just plain freaky.

We’re in a rough spot these days. The economy is awful, injustice is rampant, and the left and right are tearing each other’s throats out. A lot of people are looking to the next president – whomever he may be – to get us out of a giant mess. I get it. But we’ve still got to recognize that our politicians are just that – politicians. We watch, we vote, and we can hope that they are acting with integrity. I do believe that voting is often more a game of “picking the lesser of the two evils” than picking someone we can truly believe in. I definitely feel less like that this year, but I’m not about to let go of common sense in evaluating our leaders.

Just a reality check. Thanks, and back to your regularly scheduled programming.


3 thoughts on “Please tell me they’re not serious?

  1. Well, is not serious (at least not in presenting the stories with “belief” or “believing in” … as encouraged by Obama’s website with all the glows around his being … but Mark Mortford, writing that article for the San Francisco Chronicle, certainly was/is. Scary in so many ways. Axelrod has always “believed in” “faith” (as held by others, in the ‘right’ way).

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