Featured blog: “We love hijab”

I have been meaning to share this blog with you. It’s called “We Love Hijab” — and for women who choose to wear hijab, it’s a really great resource. In fact, it’s a good read for anyone looking to get some perspective about women and Islam.

From outfit suggestions to spiritual advice, We Love Hijab is a daily read of mine. It’s a great by-women-for-women site that, I believe, speaks not just to the diversity of women who choose to wear hijab – but the many reasons why they do. I’ve definitely struggled with the issue – and We Love Hijab has been a great help. I hope you enjoy it!

FYI: this version of the site is brand new. It used to be called “Precious Modesty”, and it had the same kinds of tips, tricks, and advice it contains now. Click here to see the old site.

(PS – at right is a photo of me in 2002. Looks like I could have used WLH’s pointers back then!) 🙂                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              


8 thoughts on “Featured blog: “We love hijab”

  1. That’s a nice blog but it’s not updated regularly. I actully found one that’s pretty cool too it’s called hijabtrendz.com and the topics are broad and non-judgemental which I like.

  2. Hey Shayna,
    Thanks for the tip! I just finished perusing the site you recommended. Some good stuff there, and the blogstress says “hijabalicious”. I’m sold. 🙂

  3. Thanks for mentioning my blog (www.hijabtrendz.com) on your site 🙂 I just found you through my blog stats and appreciate anyone spreading the word.

  4. Thank you, sister. You are doing a great job yourself. I love your blog and I have allready added it to my blogroll 🙂

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